It's no secret that the Search Engines LOVE fresh content...the trick has always been in getting it!

You're About To Discover The Laziest Imaginable
Way To Add Brand New, Fresh, And
Relevant Content To Your Web Site...And You'll
Have The Search Engines All HUNGRILY
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And here's the kicker...this is so hands off you'll have to search out other projects to keep yourself busy!

From: Robert Blackstone
Columbus, OH
Saturday, 5:42pm

i, have you been wanting more participation from the visitors to your niche sites, and also encourage them to come back more often?

And how would you also like to have them create some free content for your site each time they visit?

Surely, that's a YES! After all, with more content comes more traffic, and (you guessed it) - more money from your sites.

And NO, I'm not talking about adding a forum. You know as well as I do how those remain ghost towns until they have significant traffic on a daily basis.

What I'm referring to is a revolutionary new script I've had developed called Instant Site Comments, which will provide a brain-dead simple way for your visitors to interact with all of your existing sites.

"Superb idea, Robert. I love it!"

"I recently added a comments facility to Soon after, one of my newsletters attracted more than 40 comments. Readers appreciate being able to have their say easily. Article comments keep me in touch with my readers while the fresh content is good for search engines."

Allan Gardyne

"Why Instant Site Comments?"

For a long time I’ve wanted more participation out of the visitors to my sites, not to mention encourage them to come back more often. Who doesn’t want that? After all, the more times a visitor returns to my site, the more likely I am to make money from them.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the current options out there.

At first I considered adding a forum to spice things up, but I already mentioned above why I decided against adding one.

Converting my sites into blogs also crossed my mind, but I didn’t like the idea of changing the URLs of my content when I moved it into the blog system, not to mention the hassle of copy-and-pasting a bunch of content.

Of course there are other options out there, but none of them struck me as appropriate for my niche sites.

“But Then It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks!”

While I was writing an article about user-generated content for Allan Garydne’s reputable Associate Programs Newsletter, an idea popped into my head like a geyser going off!

What if I could give my visitors an easy way to comment on and discuss my articles, without the need to install a forum or clunky blogging software? Basically I wanted to add the “Comments” feature of blogs to my existing articles.

To me this was beneficial across the board: I get free content for my sites and my visitors stay longer to comment on my articles or read other visitor’s comments.

That’s precisely why I had Instant Site Comments developed.

“So, What Exactly Is Instant Site Comments?”

Instant Site Comments is a PHP script you can install on nearly any website to allow your visitors to leave comments on your content.

Simply placing a SSI (server side include) or PHP include on any page of your site will display a comment form along with the past comments left for that page only. This resembles blog comments, without the hassle of transferring your site into a blog. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it’s very simple to get running.

If you're interested to see what Instant Site Comments looks like, you can preview it below. Don't worry, it will open in a new window and you'll learn even more about its features as you read below. However, I recommend that you read this entire page first and then come back up here to preview it.

Gurus such as John Reese have been preaching to make user generated content a part of building your VRE (virtual real estate) for some time now. This is because it allows you to leverage a collective body of knowledge, work, time, etc. to grow your site.

Now, I can’t and won’t guarantee that Instant Site Comments will make you thousands of dollars while you sleep (We’ve all heard that before!), but it will allow your visitors to grow your site’s content while you hang out with the family, or do anything else away from the computer.

By implementing Instant Site Comments you can:

  Have FREE content generated for your site by your visitors, which results in .... Heck, it would be easier if I just write it out!

  Cut down on questions visitors email you. If you have a high traffic site, you know what kind of hassle it can be to respond to the simplest questions and requests. Allow your visitors to post their question at the bottom of the article for anyone else to answer.

  Avoid the hassle of transferring your site into a blog system (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) and lose traffic as a result of changed URLs

And the honest truth is, most visitors like an interactive site more than static one, even if they don’t participate themselves. This allows them to feel like they're a part of a community, rather than just a "visitor."

"I'm just delighted with Instant Site Comments!"

"Robert you were very helpful and solved the problems I came across. This is a solution I've been looking for ever since I realized how helpful it is to allow people to leave comments on your site.

I especially love the flexibility it provides. Being able to decide whether or not to allow HTML in comments, being able to moderate comments before they appear is vital. Now I can decide whether to do an HTML site or use a blogging software based on what I plan for the site, not on whether or not I want people to comment."

Stephanie Foster

Steal The Strategies Of ”The Big Boys”


It's no secret that we’re in the age of user driven websites, or what many have dubbed “Web 2.0.” YouTube and MySpace are perfect examples of this Web 2.0 phenomenon, however it’s surprisingly simple to apply their successful strategies to all of your niche websites.

But first, do you know what these key strategies are?

Repeat traffic and fresh, user-generated content!

Both YouTube and MySpace have mastered these strategies extremely well. The bulk of their content is user generated and most of their traffic is repeat from their current members. This makes both of these sites (or others that implement the same techniques) largely insulated from changes in the search engines.

The secret is to weave these strategies into your niche sites and reap the same benefits. Instant Site Comments WILL allow your visitors to generate fresh content for you, while encouraging them to return more often to read what others have posted, or post more comments themselves.

But The Benefits Keep Coming

Besides the obvious benefits of using Instant Site Comments listed above, here are a couple powerful ideas to use this script on your sites.

  • Let customers give you instant TESTIMONIALS for your own products! What better way to gather testimonials and real user experiences- that LOOK and really ARE real!

  • Are you publishing PLR articles? By adding commenting to those articles, you can further customize that content to help beat duplicate content penalties.

  • While content is more than just words, the search engines primarily only return pages with text on them. Use the script on pages "light" on text - allow visitors to comment on pages with just pictures, such as an image gallery. This can help index pages that otherwise would have been missed.

Your options are really endless here - Instant Site Comments can easily be changed to serve multiple purposes. You're only limited by your imagination.

In fact, to get the creative juices flowing, you'll also receive a special report with 5 killer ideas on how you can use Instant Site Comments.

"Instant Site Comments is a great idea"

"Today the emphasis when you have a website is social marketing. Your ability to interact with your visitor is one of the keys to success. Instant Site Comments is a perfect way to do that. Allowing your web site visitors to leave comments on the various pages of your site allows you to learn more about what they are thinking at the time they are viewing your it. I am looking forward to getting this installed on my website!"

Jeff Schuman

Afraid To Hand Over The Keys To Your Site?
No Problem – Here’s Why...

Perhaps you’re a little apprehensive about allowing your visitors to post content onto your site. After all it is YOUR site and not theirs. And like blog comments and forums, there will always be the potential for inappropriate/SPAM posts.

But I’ve had some pretty nifty features built into the password-protected admin area of Instant Site Comments to deal with these issues. You’ll love these!

  Automatic or manual verification of comments left by your visitors. If you’re afraid of inappropriate content showing up on your site, you can approve each comment before it goes live.

  Edit and/or delete offensive comments.

  Allow or disallow HTML to be used in the comments. This is to help combat link spam.

  Captcha image verification to prevent spam bots from automatically posting. You’ve seen these before, where you must enter a security image with numbers and letters into a box to confirm that you’re human and not a robot.

In addition, the administration area will also give you full control to:

  Set the maximum number of comments to be returned on a page, with a link to "View All" of the comments for a particular page. This is useful if you’re afraid the user’s comments will clutter up your articles or affect any keyword density levels.

  Display the comments by most recent or oldest first.

  Built in template editor to control the look & feel of everything; you can blend the comments and form seamlessly into your site.

Here are a couple screen shots from the admin area. Feel free to click on the thumbnails for larger pictures, which will appear in a new window.


“Will This Script Work on MY Site?”

It should work on any web host that supports Server Side Includes and/or PHP. Most do these days, but it wouldn’t hurt to double check.

In addition, if you’re not currently running Server Side Includes and your site has pages with .html extensions, you may need to create a .htaccess file to get things working properly.

Don’t worry, I provide full instructions & support on how get everything up and running.

At this time, I can’t promise if Instant Site Comments will work with various CMS (content management systems), if you’re using one; they all run differently. However, I will gladly look into adding support for the most popular content management systems requested.

You’ll also need access to a mySQL database to store the comments. Again, this is standard on most hosts today.

"Congratulations on creating an excellent product."

"Letting visitors easily add comments to webpages is a great way to add interactivity, make pages "sticky", encourage repeat visitors and make the webpages unique... all of which adds up to more search engine traffic, more repeat visits and more profits! Great job!"

Neil Shearing

“I’m NOT A Techie – Is This Difficult To Install?”

Nope. Honestly, I’ve made the install process as simple as it could be.

All you’ll need to do is FTP a couple files onto your host, run the install file (no manually editing the PHP code is needed), and you’ll be set. Of course, you’ll still need to insert 2 brief lines of code onto the pages you want to allow comments on.

If for some reason you run into problems installing and/or using the script, and if the member's forum can’t help, you can always contact me and I’ll get you set up. If I can’t get the script to work on your site, you’ll get your money back, so there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

“So, What Kind Of Guarantee Do You Have?”

  Within the first 8 weeks, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase of Instant Site Comments for ANY reason, we’ll refund your money. No hassles and no questions asked.

Call it ironclad or whatever you want – there’s no risk to you here.

Just In – Bonuses Revealed!

By now you should understand the potential of and the value in this script. In order to “seal the deal” I'm including:

  Unlimited use of the script across ALL OF YOUR SITES, even though some of my friends called me nuts for offering this! No need to purchase a separate license for each site - you can use it as many times as you like.

  Upgrades to the script as they’re made available. In fact, you can make recommendations for future features, too.
(Details on the inside for this!)

  Free support in case you run into problems - no fee per incident here.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

“How Much Is This Going To Cost?”

I’ve seen other scripts for websites go for hundreds of dollars, or at least $97. I'm sure you'd agree that $97 is just a drop in the bucket compared to the value of this script.

However, consider yourself lucky...

Instant Site Comments is only going to cost you $67.

That is NOT a typo.

The deal you’re getting on this is obvious, even if you only used it on one site. But considering you can use it on all of your sites, along with free upgrades, this is really a no-brainer.

If you still can’t decide, ponder this:

Surely that’s a “YES!” or sorry to break it to you, but you're in the wrong business! In fact, I'm sure you'll see a return on investment of many multiples of the purchase price.

And please don’t mistake the low price for lack of quality. I really believe Instant Site Comments can benefit any site that uses it, and I want it to help as many people as possible. Most importantly, I want to build a reputation for myself of over delivering in value. That's why I'm willing to sacrifice short-term profits to build a loyal customer base.

However, don't expect the price to stay the same; consider this current low price as my way of thanking those who act quickly!

"Great Idea! You breathed new life into static HTML pages."

"Constantly adding content to a site is an ongoing process… having someone else add the content is even better and I love the ability to let visitors generate FREE content for me. Now sites I've been tooling with the idea of moving into a blog just got easier… Kudos my friend!"

Gary Antosh

Only $97 $67

Yes, Let Me Download Instant Site Comments Now

I'm ready to create more interactive sites that my visitors will love and the search engines will gobble up because of the flood of fresh content I'll receive.

I understand that I'll be able to instantly download the script in a .ZIP file and am protected by an 8-week unconditional money back guarantee.

"Great concept Rob."

"I love the software and I love the fact that you're marketing something you actually wrote and developed yourself. You helped me work through the teething problems I had with the script in a manner that was both professional and timely, and I thank you."

'Fighting' Father Dave
Pro boxer, parish priest & webmaster
Nominated Australian of the Year 2005

To Your Success,

P.S. Please don't forget that free support and upgrades are provided! I don't want your lack of technical experience to prevent you from trying out Instant Site Comments. If you can't figure out how to install it, I'll do it for you.

P.P.S. Remember, you are protected by our money back guarantee. If you don't like what you see for any reason, just ask for a refund, and we will reimburse you immediately.

P.P.P.S. Lastly, don't be surprised if the price rises in a few days - I warned you above. The value of this script warrants a much higher price, so if you like what you've read, please don't hesitate to order. I'd hate for you to miss it.

"Robert - WOW! I mean, REALLY!"

"This is great dude. If anyone is interested in having unique content written by the visitors of their site, for FREE, this is the tool that will get it done!

There really isn't a reason why EVERY WEBMASTER who doesn't have a comment feature on there site to have this tool. You tackle two main obstacles: Unique Content and Repeat Visitors...with one stone!

If you know what's good for you, you won't hesitate picking up this tool and put it on EVERY SITE YOU OWN!"

Adam Maywald

"It is my best buy this year by far!"

Instant Site Comments is an absolute rippa program, it allows me to interact with my visitors on a more personal level, almost like having a cuppa and chat. I have been getting steady comments to my site since it has been up. Even had a comment on the comments box. I am getting fresh genuine content, what more could a girl ask.

I wish this had been up an running months ago.

The backup service is beyond belief, above and beyond the call of duty. I had thought I had great backup service from other programs, but hey they are left in Roberts dust. Now I am not the most technical of people and sometimes programs and I do not go together well.

Robert has been an absolute brick with the setting up of the program. He kept his sense of humor through out.

I can not recommend this program highly enough. I decided I had enough things on my site and was not going to purchase another program. Boy would I have been kicking myself if I had left this one sitting on the shelf.

Colleen Simmons


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