So, You're Interested In The Affiliate Program?

Thanks for your interest in the affiliate program!

I'm really excited about the launch of Instant Site Comments. The beauty of Instant Site Comments is this little script can be used by ANYONE with a website, so the market potential is huge!

But, I could use your help to get the word out, while you earn a cool 55% commission on each sale.

The official launch is on Wednesday September 13th at 11:59 PM EST. The sales copy will not be up until then. In other words, you won't record any sales until after that time.

I've made it pretty easy to start promoting Instant Site Comments by selling it through Clickbank.

Your Affiliate Link:

You'll need to replace XXXXX with your Clickbank ID.

If you're currently not a member at Clickbank, you can click here to join.

I'd recommend that you test out your Clickbank URL before posting it or emailing your lists. Start the order process and when you get to the Clickbank payment information page, make sure your affiliate ID is showing up at the bottom.

If you have any ideas for custom promotions of Instant Site Comments, please don't hesitate to let me know by using the contact link below.

Also, if you're planning a promotion to a big list, please give me a heads up on when you expect it to go out.


Thanks again for your interest,


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